Tools I Use To Learn, Work And Travel Anywhere

Tools I Use To Learn, Work And Travel Anywhere

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I often get asked what apps, services and tools I use to learn, plan, track habits, manage time, travel, write, read and more.

I’d like to emphasize one thing, it’s not about the tools, it’s about your results, personal preference, and efficiency. If you work best with a pen and paper, there is no need to try and adopt a digital tool that doesn’t feel right for you, just because your peers or someone you admire uses one or the other tool you shouldn’t force yourself to use it just to be cool.


love traveling and try to do it as much as possible. To make my travel experiences more pleasurable, I research and plan a lot. Check out some of the tools and services I use.

Google Flights — a great tool for checking the world map with available flights to numerous destinations and prices.

Momondo — a smart tool for searching cheapest flights.

JetRadar — another great tool to search various airlines and find cheapest tickets.

Nomad List — useful tool for finding where to go next as a digital nomad, find prices of accommodation, weather, community

Agoda — find cheap hotels, a quite good value in Southeast Asia.

Airbnb — find accommodation anywhere in the world, get $20 credit for your first stay.

Booking — find and book cheap hotels, what I like about Booking is that it allows you to reserve a hotel without payment, you can pay once you arrive.

Google Maps — no introduction needed for this amazing service for finding your way anywhere in the world.

Foursquare — great app for discovering coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, bars and more.


It’s incredibly important to plan things. Your personal life, professional career, holidays, weekends and more. Just having a goal without a plan is just a wish. Even though you will not have a clear plan or the plan will change along the way it’s still good to have a direction to go to.

Pen and paper — old school pen and notebook work well for quick sketching or daily planning.

Toggl — simple and easy to use time tracker.

RescueTime — analytics software that tracks everything I do on my laptop and shows a productivity score.

Trello — a great tool for planning your projects and managing tasks with a team.

Apple Calendar — part of OSX operating system, works and synchronizes very well with my MacBook and iPhone.

Apple Notes — another native OSX app that works very well on MacBook and iPhone.

Evernote — a great tool for taking notes, saving PDF’s, scanning and saving receipts.

Swipes — to-do list app with intuitive user interface.

iDoneThis — tool for daily progress logging. — organize and track your habits, set goals and find a coach to help you achieve your dreams.

Speedtest — best tool to quickly evaluate if a cafe or restaurant has a fast WiFi for working.

Social Media

Social media has changed the way people interact with each other, discover news and make connections. It certainly has changed my life, I meet new people, have interesting conversations, find jobs and get discovered on social media. Below are some tools I use to analyze, track, create and moderate my social media accounts.

Buffer — a handy tool for scheduling social media updates.

TweetDeck — easily manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Klout — analyze, measure and track your social media presence.

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