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Hi, my name is Darina Kostelníková. I work as a freelance web designer in Košice, Slovakia. I am a creative director and content manager for and UX designer for my husband's company A.I.Works that deals with artificial intelligence. I also create web templates and WordPress themes and sell them on ThemeForest.

My scope

If I wasn't of flesh and blood but only zeroes and ones, I would live here:

Degree & Skills

Master's Degree, Technical University of Košice - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, 2002-2007

10 years of experience in web design

  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Design tools (Adobe, Sketch, ...)
  • User interfaces
  • UX - User experience
  • PHP, Javascript
  • CMS - WordPress, Drupal
  • E-commerce
  • Other tools (git, bootstrap, ...)


Darinka's ThemeForest Elite Author Badge Elite Author, featured on Envato Blog and printed Sellers report 2016

Featured in 298 and 300 issue of net magazine

CSS REEL Website Awards Nominee for A.I.Works website.

From My Past

Since 2006, I designed, created or co-created 200+ websites.

  • Rocket Creator

    The main goal for this project was to create a really easy and fun user experience and we did!

  • Linked

    Website with a simplified user admin interface, so that the client doesn't even notice all the Drupal complexities.

  • Hotel Jantar

    You sure will want to visit this family hotel after visiting its playful online version!

  • ADK Furnitures

    Complete branding and design for a contemporary furnisher company.

  • Babys'n'Bows

    Complete creation of an e-commerce site with Magento. Design to development.

  • EKO Partner

    Dangerous substances well protected in this boxy and manufactural design.

  • Koberce

    Complete UI and design for a carpets catalog. Drupal CMS with simplified admin interface.

  • Manufactory

    Mixing beer and beauty usually provides a very pleasant experience...

  • Herkules

    Looking at this website is like going to a spa - we accomplished a relaxed, subtle look.

  • Transport magazine

    Complete design for a most popular and heavily visited Slovak transport magazine.


    I would not blame you if you took a photo of this e-commerce design!

  • Sunshine Catering

    A fun and colorful design that matches the catering brand perfectly.

  • Alwe Car Rental

    You know you will remember this one! Bold colours, big type, even the rent rules are fun to read!

  • NeoFitness

    Complex and fun e-commerce website with original Czech products.

  • Biomedical

    If a designer does not have much content to work with, a big and clean graphic to catch the visitor's eye is a perfect solution.


    Complete UI, design and branding for a groundbreaking searching engine.

Process & Pricing

Usual price 200 EUR a day (1 day minimum) or 3000 EUR for a project.
This gets you:

Immersing into your company, your culture and vision. Setting up business goals for your new website. User research, creating user persona and analysing the data of your old website.

Solving the business problem. Creating wireframes for main pages. Getting the real content into wireframes. Creating prototypes and testing them with real users. Iterating.

Designing high fidelity mockups from our prototypes. Iterating.

Coding the HTML, responsive CSS, scripts. Converting to WordPress (or other CMS) for a price addition (usually 500 EUR). Testing on multiple devices and creating a documentation.

More about the process in my blog post.


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Invoice billing info

Ing. Darina Kostelníková
Park duklianskych obetí 4
040 01 Košice
IČO: 43656838

  • IBAN: SK93 7500 0000 0003 0742 9493
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